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Image hosted by refined_retouch is specifically a Request community (for now).
Image hosted by When you make a request, if you have the raw image (before you resized it) post that. It's easier to retouch larger resolution images.
Image hosted by Also, blurry images tend to be more difficult to retouch.
You can sharpen them to a point, but the quality won't be the same as a clean image. If you're unsure of whether or not it's possible to fix it, post it and we'll see what we can do.
Image hosted by No promotion in this community.
Image hosted by Please be patient with your requests. School is starting up again and we have lives too.
Image hosted by I do not require credit.. but it's appreciated when credit is given where credit is due.

what we can do:

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all images above were retouched by soknivesout

we can also..
enhance eyecolor
"apply" makeup
make your photos black and white or sepia
remove red eye
correct color
crop and rotate
resize images
if you want something done not listed here, it probably can be done. post it and we'll see what we can do =].


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refined_mod (aka soknivesout)

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Photo Editor Application
Right now, photo editors are not needed, you may still apply and I will save it to memories when we need another photo editor.

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After requesting and receiving your image, please put this banner in your userinfo or in a journal entry:
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A *prompt reply* Request Community
**they created our promotion banner and community icon.

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