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Have your photos retouched!

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Question [04|21|10 1:41am]

I have a camera phone which takes fairly clear pictures in comparison with other phones I have seen. However, I accidently changed the setting of the picture from a 1280x960 to a 320x240. Is there any way the picture can be sized back to 1280x960? Thank you.
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[01|12|10 5:00am]

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pic request [12|08|09 11:44am]

i would really appricate anyone who could do this for me.

i would like it so the 3 pictures had a background like in this picture http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll232/edgirlff/0000std6edited.jpgwhich was brilliently done :)

in the 2 christmas outfits, could i please have a white background, editing to the light/shadows, and also she was teething, so any dribble around the mouth removed.


and on the fairy pic, could you do a silmar thing but with a light pink background


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1 Photo Please [12|03|09 12:45am]

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Moon help. [10|26|09 11:23pm]

This is a picture of a crescent moon... or, at least, it was a crescent moon I was taking a picture of. I desperately need it retouched to look like a crescent moon, and I have no skills in that department. Also, I'm going to need to print it out, so if you could stretch the moon area somehow so it'll print in better detail, that'd be amazing. Nothing but the moon need be included in the fixed photo. 

If anyone can help me, I would be very much obliged. Thanks so much for taking a look.

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